How Important Is Size to You?

Look No Further. The 80 Litres Is Probably the Largest & Best Sensor Bin Available….
Today Don’t settle for a rubbish bin! consider the most innovative, best & most significant domestic and commercial Smart bin that is elegant in design, robust to handle the daily volume of waste, and available in a twin split compartment for recycling…..




9L Small Waste Paper Bathroom Bin

Original price was: £109.95.Current price is: £39.95.

Triple Compartment Recycling Bin – 70L

Original price was: £349.95.Current price is: £149.95.

8L Small Waste Paper Bin

Original price was: £139.95.Current price is: £49.95.

Dual Compartment Recycling Bin – 80L

Original price was: £349.95.Current price is: £139.95.

Turbo Spin Mop and Bucket Set from Cyclomop

Original price was: £199.95.Current price is: £109.95.

Turbo Spin Mop and Bucket Set from Cyclomop

Original price was: £249.95.Current price is: £119.95.
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Townew T1 Self Sealing & Replacing Bin Bags With Motion Sensor Bin Lid

Original price was: £229.95.Current price is: £109.95.

Townew T1 Air Lite Open Waste Bin With Self Bagging & Sealing Bin Liners

Original price was: £199.95.Current price is: £109.95.

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Here at 9stars innovations, we pride ourselves in embracing exciting and unique products that bring smiles, more so, innovative, and straightforward products, distinctive & can be used daily.

Above all products that are value for money and their use are justified. Therefore, we create, promote, and deliver unique products that are appreciated that it is something different, fun, and user-friendly.

We apply our dynamic and energetic approach to invite honest appraisals from clients that appreciate, embrace, and use our application of ideas into reality: hence our innovations are highly personalised in the delivery to every household.

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Heavy duty superfast wet/dry, hygienic floor cleaning system ever!
Complete bucket & mop set with Dolly, 2 Mop heads, Scrubber and Hand Mitten.

The world's First

Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel, Bucket & Mop set

The CycloMop is a 360-degree rotating spin mop. The CycloMop will quickly and effectively clean up dirt, dust, and spills from marble, tile, laminate, vinyl, wood floors, and other hard surfaces. Floors can be cleaned and dry in half the time with the CycloMop.

The microfiber head is ultra absorbent and can be reused for multiple uses and is machine washable. The mop head is specially designed so it can be easily attached or removed without having to touch the dirty mop head. The bucket is designed with a fast-spinning stainless steel wringer. This spinning action can be activated by the foot pedal or by just simply pumping the mop handle up and down.

The CycloMop even has the ability to spin the mop in the water for more effective cleaning/rinsing of the mop head.

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Smart trash can

World’s first Sensor waste bin that’s Self-changing & sealing bin liners ready for disposal.

A germ-free environment has never been more critical than now.

Townew smart trash waste bin does all the dirty work for you.

Hold the button for 3 seconds, and your bag is sealed.

Just grab it, and Townew will automatically replace a new bag into the bin all on its own!

Yes, it’s that easy!

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