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Revolutionizing Home and Housewares

At 9Stars Innovations, we specialise in cutting-edge infrared sensor technology and premium products for both domestic and commercial use.

With 24 years of experience, we aim to deliver innovative, easy-to-use products that enhance everyday living.

Explore our user-friendly, value-driven products designed to simplify and enrich daily routines.

Transform Your Space with Smart Waste Solutions!

Our Story

Introducing the DZT-1-Series

Slimline Autobins In 2003, 9Stars Innovations launched the DZT-1-series Slimline autobins, revolutionizing waste disposal with sleek, sensor-activated technology. These autobins make trash management hands-free and hygienic.

Portable Table Sensor Lamps

By 2006, we expanded our product line with portable table sensor lamps, combining functionality and style to bring intelligent lighting solutions to homes and offices.

Commercial-Grade Bucket & Spin Mop Set

In 2010, we introduced a commercial-grade Bucket and Spin Mop set designed to make cleaning efficient and effortless, ideal for residential and commercial use.

2-in-1 I-Lad Ironing Board & Step Ladder

Our 2011 innovation, the 2-in-1 I-Lad, seamlessly integrated an ironing board and step ladder, showcasing our commitment to multifunctional and space-saving designs.

2/3 Compartment Recycling Sensor Bins

In 2014, we launched the 2/3 compartment recycling sensor bins, promoting eco-friendly practices with user-friendly, sensor-activated compartments for efficient waste sorting.

Townew, Self-Dispensing & Sealing Autobin

In 2019, the Townew autobin set a new standard with self-dispensing and sealing capabilities, ensuring a hassle-free, hygienic waste disposal experience.