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Spin Mop Cleaning Bucket

The Cyclomop  bucket is a revolutionary floor cleaner that takes the difficulty and effort of mopping floors. Once you attach the mop heads and run them through the wringer, you will see how easy it is to use. The Cyclomop bucket is divided into two sections: one for wetting the mop, the other for wringing out any moisture. Both parts are operated via a foot peddle or push motion of the handle: All wetting and wringing are designed to be as effortless as possible without bending down.

5 reviews for Cleaning Bucket

  1. Judy K Lane

    I have no carpet in my house and this mop system makes cleaning my floors so much easier

  2. Dipech T.

    Very strong compare to other plastic one.

  3. charles Johnson

    Nice unit looks like new to me. Metal squeeze adds a little weight but hoping for a lot longer service out of it.

  4. Raul Rolden

    Really Nice

  5. Lo. renz

    The rollers are really good. They do not get stuck like the Rubbermaid that I was using before.
    Also the steel drainer is really strong and can drain more water with less effort.

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