9Stars Motion Sensor Smart Bathroom & Kitchen Recycling Bin With Lid are energy-saving and hands-pedal-mess-free.

It is manufactured using high quality materials and quality. Our goal is to provide a cleaner, automated & hassle-free environment everywhere. The touch-free lid opens with a simple wave of the hand, while the advanced infrared technology preserves the battery life. The smart dustbin can have a non-skid base protecting your flooring from scuff marks. It also has a removable ring liner that securely keeps the trash bag (80L model). The smaller trash can model has a removable leak-proof inner bucket that makes emptying trash and cleaning easier (8L model)—made of commercial-grade fingerprint resistant stainless steel.

The Automatic Sensor set of 2 bins opens automatically with a simple wave of your hand or object 5 Inches in front of the infrared sensor. The Electric Sensor Smart Trash Can lid will remain open for the duration of having an object within the sensor’s range. In addition, the Autobin Sensor bin lid will automatically close after 3 seconds after removing the thing away from the infrared sensor.

Throwing away trash has never been so easy, clean, and fun! The Automatic Sensor Trash set of 2 bins promotes germ-free trash disposal—no more cross-contamination from touching germ-infested trash cans.

Keep your living or workspace sanitized and germ-free with our Automatic Sensor Trash Can

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