Townew T1 Air Lite Open Waste Bin With Self Bagging & Sealing Bin Liners


Taking out the trash is a necessary part of every household, and most often it is fiddly, unhygienic, and something we would all rather avoid. Thankfully, the Townew T Air Lite is here to make the process of waste disposal much easier. This small motion sensor bin takes all the hard and unpleasant work out of dealing with trash: its unique open top barrel design allows you to throw any waste product in without the need for manual operation. Once this touchless bin is full it self-seals your trash bag ready for quick and easy disposal. Once you have removed the bag the automatic sensor bin will self-replace it with a new bag ready for any more trash you wish to throw away.

A Host of Features

The Townew trash can is designed with versatility in mind. Whether in the home, the office, or anywhere, the Townew automatic sensor bin works perfectly in any location you choose. It’s simple design and hands free functionality make it completely germ free and very easy to use. It has a waterproof rating of IPX3 so it can be used safely in moisture prone areas like the bathroom or kitchen. This motion sensor bin features damping technology that allows it to function as quietly as possible, so no one is disturbed. In addition, the automatic trash bin features a rechargeable lithium battery that can last for a month on a single full charge. All it takes is five hours to fully charge the recycling bin using its Micro USB port.

Suitable For Any Location

The Townew T Air Lite automatic bin measures 34.4 x 34.6 x 42.3 cm, weighs 1.8 kg and has a capacity of 16.3 L. This makes it extremely portable and easy to place in any location you choose. The automatic trash can feature a sleek and attractive white case that will suit the décor of any chosen space. Each box also features one refill ring containing 25 individual trash bags, one USB charging cord, and one user manual

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