Large Stainless Steel Kitchen Bin 80L

We are proud to introduce our 80L stainless steel kitchen bin. Our 2022 next-generation range of extra-large automatic waste bins for domestic and commercial use.

One of the key features of our stainless steel kitchen bin is the infrared motion sensor that allows the opening on approach without pressing or touching the bin’s top lid. Instead, the sensors sense your presence when in use, and once you have moved away from the automatic bin, it closes silently. It’s rather sleek, tapered, flat back, and elegant in design with a small footprint whilst cleverly having an extra-large capacity to store up to 80 liters of household rubbish waste. 

The stainless steel kitchen bin is cleverly designed with a broader neck at the opening, allowing the removal of waste paper rubbish from the body of the dustbin without having to engage in a tug of war. 

The body’s construction uses silver stainless satin steel coated with chemicals to prevent finger marks and unwanted smudges. The upper bin top lid offers soft and silent closing whilst sealing in unpleasant odors. Additional features such as a manual override locking system are standard, all functional from one central control panel.

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