Recycling Bin Set – 80L + Dual Compartment 80L + 8L Food Bin

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8 litres + 80L + Dual spilt 40+40 litres (80 litres in total)


Matt Silver

Opening mechanism

Infrared-Motion-Sensor- Automatic opening & closing


430 grade Stainless Steel Metal

Room type

Recycling for Home, Office and commercial

Special feature

Hand-Touch-Pedal free operation, manual override and fingerprint, smudge stainless steel body, multipurpose uses


Oval & Rectangular

Finish type

Brushed Matt

Item weight

Gross Weight: 2.78 + 7.56 + 9.19 Kilograms

features & benefits

Touch-Pedal-Free Waste Disposal : The new selections of sensor bins from Ninestars are inbuilt with motion sensor technology for hygienic germ-free usage. This sensor kitchen bin automatically opens when you approach and closes a few seconds after waste disposal.

Quality Stainless Steel : The Autobins premium-grade stainless brushed steel. Each model is resistant to fingerprint marks and smudges. The dustbin also has a removable hard ABS plastic bin lid for easy cleaning.

Multiple Usages : Designed for Commercial and Domestic use for general, recycling and food waste. Elegant & practical design with a retaining ring bag holder for keeping the bin liner in place and an unsightly bag hangover. The smaller model is a supplier with an inner pail.

Long Battery Life : The electric smart trash can use D size batteries designed to last up to 14 months even when used up to 20 times a day. The sensor bin can even use rechargeable batteries for silent lid opening and closing.

Safety Features : All three models in this recycling bin set have a manual override that allows you to keep the lid open for longer and locking. The autobin can be locked to prevent pets and children from accessing the contents or being playful.

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Special Features



















This recycling bin set is the perfect combo for any family, the set includes an 80 litre bin, a dual compartment 80 litre bin and an 8 litre food waste caddy.The new automatic sensor rubbish bins from 9stars offer the latest pedal, hands-touch-free waste disposal technology. In addition, this kitchen sensor bin features infrared sensor technology that automatically detects movement.

No manual lifting or peddle operation is needed: wave your hand over the top. The intelligent bin lid will open within half a second and close within three seconds when no further motion is detected. This makes these dustbins one of the most hygienic ways of disposing quickly of waste.

The touchless top bin runs on D batteries for longer life and can last up to 14 months on a single charge, even when used up to 20 times each day.

This perfect recycling bin set is ideal for large families with significant demand for waste disposable. The 80L will accommodate large volumes of everyday waste, whilst the 40+40L bin has been divided into two compartments for easy waste plastic and glass separation. In addition, the 8L is the perfect food waste caddy for the worktop next to the sink for composting.

The Autobin comes with a removable bag fixing ring for quick and simple removal and replacement, although standard bin liners can also be used. The smart garbage bin also features a unique manual override safety mechanism that allows you to keep the lid open for longer or locked in place. This feature will help keep your children and pet’s safe should they become curious and begin playing with the automatic motion sensor of the touchless bin.

All the bins in this recycling bin set are premium-grade stainless steel with a silver brushed matte finish. This high-quality casing makes the waste bins resistant to fingerprints, smudges, or rust. The automatic trash can also come with a rugged ABS plastic head for easy cleaning and a tapered design for easier bag removal.


Product Dimensions – 80 Litres
Depth – 36.6cm
Width – 47 cm
Height lid open – 95.25 cm
Height lid closed – 68.1 cm
Weight – 4.77 KG

Batteries required – 3 D Size Batteries (Not included)

Product Dimensions – 80 litre Recycling Model
Depth – 36.6 cm
Width – 47 cm
Height lid open – 95.25 cm
Height lid closed – 68.1 cm
Weight – 6.20 KG

Batteries required  – 3 D Size Batteries (Not included)

Product Dimensions – 8 Litre Model
Depth – 18.1cm
Width – 27.7 cm
Height lid open – 95.25 cm
Height lid closed – 35 cm
Weight – 1.94 KG

Batteries required – 2 D Size Batteries (Not included)


7 reviews for Recycling Bin Set – 80L + Dual Compartment 80L + 8L Food Bin

  1. howard little

    normally works well as long as you keep it clean. A problem i came across was when you change the bin liner its so easy to accidently catch the on/off switch as its not got a good click. so if it stops working with the sensor make sure it’s switched on….

  2. mr.train

    As a “basic” bin it is extremely strong and sturdy. Well constructed, easy to clean and a good price compared to others.

  3. beni

    I like the bin, looks nice and operates well. Down side – there is no handle to lift up the bin, which is not practical or convenient, and because it is so smooth, it may slip from your grip. Also top cover and the part that the bin liner is put on, is plastic, and I have the feeling it may snap before long. Otherwise, happy with the look and function of the bin.

  4. Fiona

    Great bin just perfect size to fit a small space but good capacity

  5. Marina

    So tiny! As a rubbish bin for my office it works

  6. Mozzy

    If you want a bin that automatically opens and closes, relatively small, then this is good option. The colour looks good and like the picture too. It works by sensing motion and will remain open for a few seconds (or longer if it continues to detect motion) before automatically closing. It has a plastic ring inside the top to hold the bin liner which also stops the bag being visible with the lid on. Its battery operated and comes with 2 (cheap) batteries.

    Personally, I have had no issue with its operation and its worked flawlessly since I bought it. You do have to be aware of its placement as it will detect motion and open up unnecessarily if you (or pets) get too close. I do think its a little on the expensive side – especially for an Amazon Basics brand – and you can get cheaper as well as bigger bins for the money – maybe not in a colour Stainless Steel though.

    Overall, I can’t fault the bin, its operation or Amazon’s dispatch and delivery times. As I can’t give 4.5stars, I have rounded down to 4 but only because the price a little on the steep side.

  7. Kirsty

    Really stylish looking bin. Motion detection is really good. My stubborn food obsessed cat can’t get in it to pull out last nights dinner. 10/10.

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