Ninestars Replacement Bin Lid for 80L Kitchen Sensor Auto Bin

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New 2022 Replacement bin lid that’s 100% Hands Touch Free Operation, Automatic Self opening and closing top. No Hands, No Mess, No Fuss. Probably the most hygienic litter waste paper dustbin

New 2022 Models Now Uses 3 X D Size Batteries, If Used 21 Times A Day This Can Last Up To 14 Months Before Change of Batteries Hence Long-Lasting Performance!

Lightweight and Easily Removable Hard Abs Plastic Garbage Bin Head That’s Easy Maintenance and Cleaning. Simply Spray Antibacterial Spray Detergent and Wipe. Please Refrain from Putting the Bin Lid into A Dishwasher!

The New Bin Lid with The Latest Technology Now Offers Soft, Quiet and Silence Close. With A One Button Control Panel That Allows a Manual Over-ride, Locking of The Auto-bin Lid To Prevent Pets And Children Been Entertained!

Back order - Delivery August 2024

Availability: Available on backorder

Now available, Ninestars complete replacement top bin lid for the Ninestars 80 litre Autobin. It is an elegant finish in two-tone silver that matches the stainless-steel brushed body.

Please may we caution you! Our Replacement cover lid will only fit the following Brands and Models.

Ninestars, Autobin, Smart Auto bins, 9stars, Helpmation, Netta kitchen sensor dust bins.

We are delighted to share that this New 2022 head unit is vastly enhanced. May I verify the following new features?

The new unit now only takes 3 x D size batteries. May we suggest using good quality batteries? For example, if used 21 times a day, this will last approx. Fourteen months before the change of batteries.

  • One button control panel. This allows several options for use.
  • Press the button to Switch off the power to the unit. This will prevent children and pets from accessing the contents of the dustbin.
  • Press the button again to lock the bin lid in an open position. This will allow more time to dispose of your household waste without using the self-open & closing sensor activation.
  • Press the button again, and this will bring back the sensor activation mode to allow the use of the wastepaper litter bin without the need for touch. It opens and closes automatically.
  • Lightweight ABS plastic lid now that’s easy to clean and maintain. Spray anti-bacterial detergent and wipe.
  • The new top lid is now even quieter. It closes softly, silent, and flush. Hence prevents odors from leaking out in the open.
  • The sensor range is vastly improved; it is less sensitive, and the autobin does not open and close if passing. With a static approach, the electric rubbish bin will respond with prompt action.
  • It’s probably the most hygienic waste disposable system globally that prevents the spread of germs and cross-contamination.
  • Use our latest electronic Home & office waste dustbins to reduce the risk of cross infections and the spread of unwanted germs.



W: 461 mm
D: 371 mm
H: 97 mm

Batteries required – 3 x D Size Batteries (Not included)

Only Compatible with

Ninestars, Autobin & 9stars Brand

– 80 Litre Maxi Series Autobin
– 80 Litre (40L+40L) Recycling Autobin


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