Turbo Spin Mop and Bucket Set from Cyclomop

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5 litres


Matt Yellow & Black

Opening mechanism

2 separate bucket with dry and wet system


ABS Plastic with Stainless Steel Metal

Room type

Home, Office, and Heavy-duty commercial applications

Special feature

Hand & foot fast spinning, effortless & fast drying, heavy duty construction with drainage plug



Finish type

Matt heavy duty ABS

Item weight

Gross Weight: 6.09 Kilograms

features & benefits

Cyclomop portable Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Set : Features 360 Degree Dual Rotating Wringer that’s hand or foot operated. Set includes two mop heads, Nylon Scrubber Brush, microfibre hand dust mitt & a heavy-duty mobile trolley for ease of movability– Ideal for commercial businesses, home offices, Kitchen & Bathrooms.

The Original Spin Mop : The Cyclomop is a revolutionary spin floor mop that can rotate 360 degrees for quick and easy hard floor cleaning. This can be easily operated by foot pedal action or hand press motion handle to assist with the rinsing and thorough cleaning with its super absorptive microfibre heads.

Efficient And Hygienic Wringing : This mop bucket comes equipped with a fast-spinning hand, and foot-powered stainless brushed steel wringer. Just insert the mop in the wringer, step on the peddle or push down the handle action and let it spin to remove dirt and get any moisture.

Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Head : The microfiber head of this smart spin mop is super absorbent so that it will soak up all spills & dirt quickly, aggressively, and efficiently. The spin mop and bucket set are efficient and completely machine washable.

Complete Mop And Bucket System : Our Cyclomop spin mop and bucket purchase come with two microfiber cleaning heads and a scrubbing head attachment for removing tough dirt and grime, a telescopic handle and mop head attachment. Supplied with mobile Dolly for easy portability and movability. The complete mopping packages!

Suitable For Any Hard Surface : Our floor mop works on any hardwood surface with a super soft microfiber head and drip-free wringer. Our floor cleaner mop will leave any surface squeaky clean on tiles, marble, vinyl, or wood.

The Cyclomop turbo spin mop and bucket set make moping easy and enjoyable.

The Cyclomop spin mop and bucket set is a revolutionary floor cleaner that takes the difficulty out of mopping floors. The microfibre mop quickly absorbs liquid. Once you attach the mop heads and run them through the wringer, you will see how easy it is to use. The Cyclomop bucket is divided into two sections: one for wetting the mop, the other for wringing out any moisture. Both parts are operated via a foot peddle or push motion of the handle: All wetting and wringing are designed to be as effortless as possible without bending down. Most spin mops come with spinning action in their wringing area. With our Cyclomop mop and bucket sets, we have included the spinning motion in the water bucket to effectively remove any dirt and grime, leaving your mop head clean and fresh.

The most efficient microfiber and scrub heads around

The heads of the Cyclomop microfibre mop quickly absorb liquid and other messes. Other mops push the fluid around, but the Cyclomop heads are super absorbent and trap any liquid inside without leaving any lots or drips. In addition, your mop comes with a nylon scrub head that can be used to scrape away any tough dirt and stains from high traffic areas like patios and passageways.

A host of unique cleaning features

With Cyclomop pivoting flat heads, you can quickly get into and clean every corner and hard to reach area, such as under furniture. The spin mop bucket design ensures deep enough to prevent any overfilling or spillages, even when moved around. Emptying the bucket is hassle-free, with a convenient handle for lifting and a drainage plug for disposal. The efficient 360-degree spinning system removes all moisture, ensuring a drier and streak-free surface. Finally, the dual-spin mop and bucket combo is tough and durable and can be used anywhere. This spin floor mop is so versatile that you can even use it on windows and walls.



Product Dimensions -Bucket

Depth – 29.85cm
Width – 57.71 cm
Height – 29.85 cm
Weight – 7.30 KG

Product Specification – Handle

Product Dimensions
Diameter – 2.54 cm
Height – 99.38 cm
Height extended – 141.61 cm
Weight – 1.90 KG


4 reviews for Turbo Spin Mop and Bucket Set from Cyclomop

  1. stephanie E

    This mop was easy enough to assemble once I found the instructions on the physical box. The spin mechanism will spin the mop nearly dry if you keep going long enough. I like the handle and the spot on the handle that the mop clicks into. It makes storage and transport a lot easier. The hole on the end of the bucket makes emptying the dirty water far less messy than other buckets I’ve used.

  2. Mihaela betsy

    This mop! I didn’t know I need one until I visited mum in a different country and moped her floor! I was amazed!! I instantly bought one when I got back home! What a difference!! Why was I still using that horrible old mop!! Goes nicely in the corners, sits nicely and flat on the floor cuz its so smartly done..and the twisting bit to squeeze the water! So smart! I didn’t know I could love a mop so much! :)) I gave 4 stars for assembling, though, there were no instructions and I thought it was broken until husband showed me how it works. Al good now, works perfectly!

  3. susan Russell

    I like this spin mop I have arthritis in my hands and this mop and bucket is great for me to use I was unable to use a normal mop I couldn’t ring it out

  4. cheezy9791

    I am totally loving the ease this has brought to mopping no more soaking floors because you cant get the mop to wring out fully this is just brilliant wet it put it in the spinner step on the peddle and walla and my floors dry faster than ever plus my disabled husband who had issues wringing out the mop can use it with ease brilliant highly recommend just fantastic

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