Ninestars countertop food waste Bin 

Our Ninestars
countertop food waste caddy is compact, neat and offers a stylish and modern design that is well placed onto the worktop, making composting, and recycling a joy!

The experience is further enhanced as the sensor dustbin lid opens automatically upon approach and remains open until you have disposed of all the food waste and finally closes once you have moved away from the infrared sensor area.

The 8-litre kitchen waste bin is made from 430-grade stainless brushed steel, leaving no fingerprints or streaks on the body. The shape is rectangular and flat, easily placed in any space-sensitive area. The design is eye-pleasing & compact yet offers ABS durable inner bucket for easy disposable of waste, cleaning, and hygiene.

The smart trash can has a one-touch operational button that allows one to lock the opening position or use the sensor operation. This also allows you to close the lid to avoid children and pets accessing the contents.

The rubbish bin lid closes flush and tied, ensuring all odours are well retained within the dustbin.

We believe firmly this is probably the best countertop food waste caddy available, a fully automated, addressing hand-free operation, 8 litres of food and compost waste disposal in a tidy space that’s hygiene friendly.


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