Replacement Bin Bag Retaining Ring Holder For Recycling 40 + 40l Sensor Bin

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Strong and durable ABS plastic bin bag holder with an outer lip to prevent bag drop.

Washable and easy to clean

The ring holder allows to hide the ugly bag hangover

The ring holder allows you to use any standard bin liners include coloured bags for easy recycling identifications

Twin rings for left and right side for twin compartment bin

This replacement bag retaining ring is designed specifically for the Ninestars 80 litres 2 compartments Recycling waste bin. This auto bin gives you two separate, spilt compartments for waste to manage your trash or recycling with less fuss and more fun.

One of the most reported problems with traditional bins is the inevitable mess and odour that comes from bin lining bags that have slipped down into the container and spilt their contents into the body of the bin (this is especially true with larger bins such as the 40 + 40L Model).

This happens due to the weight of the waste inside the bag or overfilling or poorly secured bin liners. The problem with many bins is that there is no actual mechanism for securely holding the bin lining bag in place, so as soon as weight is added or the bin gets nudged or moved, the bag tends to slip.

This is one of the most critical issues that the design of our bins seeks to address, and after our infra-red sensors, it is the feature we are most passionate about promoting! The success of our bins in this regard is down to our clever bag retaining ring.

The bag retaining ring is one of our products’ most popular and valuable features. It secures the bin lining bag so that you don’t get any messy slips or spills that can quickly occur in other bins. This is undoubtedly a case of a simple yet efficient idea making life so much easier, and that is what we are all about here at Nine Stars.

Our recycling autobins are designed to last, and the bag retaining ring is resilient and durable. We have spares or replacements available to purchase so you can keep your bin working at its very best year after year. The ring is easy to fit, easy to change and very difficult to do without once you have used it and seen the difference it can make to dispose of your waste.


W: 225 mm
D: 340 mm
H: 28 mm

W: 228 mm
D: 342 mm
H: 28 mm


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