Recyclable Refill Ring Bin Bag Cartridges For The Townew T1 & T Air Lite

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Refill Your Rechargeable Trash Bin Easily : The kitchen Smart recyclable replacement bin lid rings offer an easy to use, environmentally friendly and sustainable option to traditional black bag liners. Each trash pack replacement holder is designed to hold as much rubbish as possible while being eco-safe

Biodegradable And Recycling : Our self-sealing bin bag pail come in recycling and biodegradable options. Choose between a biodegrade high-density HDPE material containing recyclable high-density Polypropylene Plastic (PE)

Up To Three Months Use : Each purchase will give you three refillable TONEW electric bin bag holders. Each compactor cartridge holder unit contains 25 durable waste rubbish bags of either green recyclable or biodegradable material and will last up to one month based on regular usage

Replace Quickly And Easily : The Home Auto bin requires little to no maintenance other than recharging and replacing the rubbish bag refills each month. automatic mining the cartridge is simple and hassle free: all TOWNEW electronic bin holder fit perfectly inside

Tough And Dependable : Whether you choose our recycling touchless bin bag liners or our biodegradable dustbin liners, you will find either choice is strong, thick, and reliable. Water leak-proof and puncture-proof, you will be able to carry heavy loads easily without spillage

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Trade in your old garbage bin liners for TOWNEW refill cartridge, made from eco-friendly biodegradable HDPE Material or recyclable HDPE (High-Density Polypropylene) Material.

Kitchen waste bin liners that are safe for the planet

Along with the innovative TOWNEW self-sealing and self-changing bin comes a range of recyclable and biodegradable bin liners. Our heavy-duty bin bags are designed to minimise their impact on the environment as much as possible by using eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic. Our recycling bin liners are made from premium Polypropylene Plastic (PE), a thermoplastic polymer that is sustainable and easily recyclable. Alternatively, our biodegradable trash bags are made from an HDPE material, with biodegradation technology allowing them to completely decompose into carbon dioxide and water. Reducing the amount of plastic ending up in landfill and oceans. Not only does using your TOWNEW trash can make waste disposal much easier but also better for the planet.

This recyclable and bio degradable swing bin liners have many benefits over traditional rubbish bags. The TOWNEW dustbin ring is easy to replace just open the lid, remove the magnetic ring retainer and pull out the empty ring. Insert the new TOWNEW replacement ring within the retainer and place it back within the sensor bin. Each pack comes with three rings, with each ring lasting a month with average usage. All compostable bin liners are leak proof and odour resistant, so no foul smells or liquids will escape. In addition, all our garbage bags are designed to completely fill the inside of your bin, meaning no space will go to waste.

Durable and reliable trash bags

The TOWNEW bag is designed with a material that gives strength and reliability. Even with the heaviest load these bags will not tear or puncture. All TOWNEW refill rings come in a 20.4 x 20.4 x 3.3 cm size and are designed to work exclusively with the T1 & T-Air Lite Range


Compatible with: TOWNEW Trash Can Model T1 & T Air Lite
Material: Recyclable Polypropylene Plastic
Product Weight: 139 gr (5 oz) / ring
Product Size: 204 x 204 x 33 mm / ring
Pack Size: 6 Ring Cartridges, 25 bags per cartridge
Total: 150 Bags


1 review for Recyclable Refill Ring Bin Bag Cartridges For The Townew T1 & T Air Lite

  1. Jerry

    This is one of those things that I bought just because I haven’t seen this type of technology in any other trash can. And it turns out that this is not a gimmick because it does what it shows really well and hold quite a bit of trash.

    The motion detection works pretty well. I wave something on top and the lid opens up. However it closes relatively quickly and doesn’t detect if I’m continuing to throw items in. There’s a blue light inside that dims once the lid is about to close. This feels pretty standard with other trash cans. You can also set it so that the lid remains open. The innovative technology comes when replacing bags. It has a trash bag ring installed inside. When time comes to replace a bag, you just long press the function button. The trash can will begin sealing the bag inside and after a couple seconds, it will open itself up so you can take the seal trash bag. Once you remove it, it has a air pump that fills the can up with the new bag. This also has a battery inside so you don’t need to have it connected. And from what I’ve noticed, it lasts a good amount of time per charge.

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