Cyclomop Heavy Duty Portable Dolly Trolley With Locking Brakes





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Made from premium Durable ABS Plastic

Locking Castors

4 wheels for easy portability and movability

Sturdy Base for the Mop and Bucket set

Easy maintenance

The Cyclomop Dolly is designed for the busy commercial environment and heavy-duty use and is the perfect working partner for making the Mop & Bucket set easier for portability and ease of use.

Made from solid and durable ABS plastic, this four-wheel portable dolly accessory is easy to fit, slides on and off the bucket’s base, and has a two locking wheel brake to keep the Cyclomop in position.

The dolly is designed to aid the user and deliver the task with simplicity, portability, and pain-free cleaning.

The dolly is easy to maintain. Wash with water and detergents. Ready to continue with its tasks addressed.


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