Cyclomop Premium quality microfibre hand mitten

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Made from premium Microfibers

Quality and designed for the propose of cleaning

Easy and a pleasure to use for any task at hand

Machine washable

Universal Size Fits all sizes of hands

Our premium quality microfibre hand mittens are made from super easy and soft microfibers; the glove can be used wet or dry to provide super-quick and easy dusting and polish everything from large work surfaces, furniture, and cars to intricate ornaments, blinds, and radiators.

The long strands get into all the nooks and crannies, lifting and holding on to dirt and dust, while the soft microfibers will not scratch surfaces.

It is made from machine washable polyester and can go straight into the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning.

9 reviews for Cyclomop Premium quality microfibre hand mitten

  1. Marian nishioka

    Hate dust and hate dusting. Never ending task. These gloves do a great job. I keep one in living/dining room, one in kitchen/pantry and one in bedroom/bathroom. Just walk around room and dust as I go. Takes minutes and room looks neat and clean.

  2. kat nalson

    I love these dusters. They work well on dusting glass if it is not too dirty. Works great on my large shutter slats. I keep them handy for just about everything and I just rinse them out when too dirty. Also good for glass covered wall pictures. Glad I found these!

  3. Brain phipps

    I have this same material on a stick but know that my fingers create the pressure exactly where needed when scrubbing. This is much better than relying on a stick. Get your step stool out and scrub those areas of the car that need some love.

  4. Amazon Customer

    The wrist tight, so I made some slits. Otherwise great cleaning product.

  5. Jonathon P. guillaume

    I love these cleaning mittens! I have one to wash the walls, one for the toilet and one for the kitchen. If you are like me. You do not like cleaning yet like things to be clean then you wont ve disappointed !

  6. some beach

    You can use these for your car, but I use them to wipe down sinks, tubs, & windows. They work well & are still going strong.,

  7. Jennifer Jones

    I purchased these to clean baseboards and blinds. They work great. The material can seen a little thin but if you bunch it together in your hand you should have no problem. I have washed these separately and laid flat to dry- I am worried the colors would bleed out if mixed with other laundry items.

  8. Bru

    If they were self cleaning would be better. I still have to do the work! But these are very helpful for a chore I don’t want to do!

  9. Kindle customer

    Excellent product

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