Recyclable Refill Ring Bin Bag Cartridges For The Townew R03 T3 Slim Bin

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Replenish Your Trashcan Bag Supply with TONEW recyclable compactor trash cartridge. Environmentally efficient and sustainable, our TOWNEW waste bin slim ring holder are carefully crafted to be safer for the planet while also being tough and large in capacity

100% Recyclable: Make a choice that’s good for you and the Earth. Our self-sealing bin waste bags are made of high-density Polypropylene Plastic (PE), a recyclable and environment friendly alternative to conventional plastic

Six Months Supply: With your purchase, you will receive six refillable TOWNEW sensor ring holder and each cartridge contains enough recyclable material to create 20 durable garbage bin bags that lasts up to one month depending on the use

Replace In Seconds: Probably the only maintenance TOWNEW wastebin need apart from, of course, changing is replacing the trash bag rings once a month, which is as easy as removing the old ring and tossing a new one

Toughness you can trust: These recyclable bin liners are thicker, reliable, and dependably good. The strong, leak-proof, and puncture-proof material can haul even the heaviest loads of rough debris without tearing and creating a mess

Trade in your traditional garbage bags for TOWNEW refill rings made with HDPE (High-Density Polypropylene) Material, which is better for the environment.

Make a guilt-free purchase:

TOWNEW is committed to decreasing the environmental impact in the best way we can. That is why we choose to manufacture our bin bags from premium Polypropylene Plastic (PE), a thermoplastic polymer that is a sustainable and recyclable alternative to traditional plastic. This dramatically reduces “wasted” plastic that just ends up in the landfill or the ocean. So, by using Townew for your trash disposal, you aren’t just bringing convenience in your life but, in a way, are contributing to making Earth a greener place.


  • Easy to replace: To replace the TOWNEW smart trash can ring, simply open the lid, lift out the magnetic ring retainer, remove the empty ring, drop in the new bag ring and you are good to go. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Value pack: Package includes six rings, and each ring is estimated to last a month, so you should be set for at least 6 months.
  • Leakproof & odour resistant: Whether it’s the leftover sloppy joes or the stinky diapers, nothing will escape the exceptional moisture resistant and water-resistant sealing capabilities of our trash can bags.
  • Fits perfectly: No more fumbling with trash bags that do not fit and tie properly. Because our bags are automatically placed into the bin, every bag fits neatly, leaving no empty space.
  • Heavy duty: Unlike those cheaper and inferior quality trash bags, our high quality and thick trash bags are rugged, which means they won’t puncture or tear even while handling the heaviest trash.



Please note that TOWNEW refill rings work with Townew T3 self-sealing and self-changing smart trash can only.


Compatible with: TOWNEW T3 Slim Smart Trash Can
Material: Recyclable Polypropylene Plastic
Product Weight: 123 gr / ring
Product Size: 248 x 139 x 36 mm / ring

Pack Size: 6 Ring Cartridges, 25 bags per cartridge

Total: 150 Bags


3 reviews for Recyclable Refill Ring Bin Bag Cartridges For The Townew R03 T3 Slim Bin

  1. kindal customer

    It worked like a charm

  2. frances n

    received this as a gift and it is perfect. No mess no fuss. Everything is done for you with this bin. The lid opens up accepts the refuse, the lid closes, when the bag is full you press a button and the bag gets tied up your lift it out and a new bag automatically gets put in place.

  3. Yolanda H caraway

    Perfect size for small kitchen and very easy to use. Very sleek, modern look.

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